Page 16 - Destroy Depression System (James Gordon) : Flip It & Read It
P. 16

Destroy Depression is so

            straightforward, so easy, and so true.

            Before I read it I felt as if I was in a

            bottomless pit with no way out. I had

            been taking antidepressants for almost 3

            years and had  locked myself away from

            the world to such an extent that I would

            sometimes go 5 days without even

            seeing another human being. I started

            cutting myself and thought about

            suicide every day.

            My life now is unrecognizable compared

            to how it was back then. I now volunteer

            at a shelter and the joy I get from helping

            other people, just as you said in your

            book, has  given my life new meaning.

            Than k you so much, you have changed

            my life in a way I never thought possible.
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